Rose Revitalize Massage Kit - Pink

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Blush Novelties Rose Revitalize Massage Kit - Pink

Revitalize is a best selling massage device, designed to relax and de-stress. Made specifically for pinpoint stimulation and can be used on your more sensitive and delicate areas such as temples, scalp area between your brows, jaw muscles and clitoral/vaginal stimulation of course! :)  Without the attachments, the three point tip focus vibrations through your body. With the attachments, each shape provides a unique experience. Battery not included

Special Features:

Hugger tip: As your clit or nipples are nestled comfortably between its soft extensions, they are aroused by sweet stimulation

Flicker tip: Specializes in clit action but can be used anywhere. The thin material transmits vibrations, flicking along your clit. 

Pillow tip: Uses vibrations for a sensual massage. 


How to use: Twist cap off by aligning indicator on vibrator to remove. To turn on, twist bottom to the indicated "On" position.

Special Tip: Give an unforgettable massage using lubricant or massage oil. Glide Revatilize ALL over the body, slowly teasing erogenous zones and finally focusing on your partners clit. Or you can simply arouse and entertain your partner by letting them watch.... 

Cleaning and Care: Remove attachments and clean both vibrator and attachments with soap and water OR use one of our awesome toy cleaners. Towel and air dry .Remember to remove the battery when not in use! 

Special features:

  • 3 unique attachments
  • Perfect pinpoint stimulation
  • 1 year warranty