Milk Chocolate Clone-a-Willy Kit

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Milk Chocolate Clone-a-Willy Kit

Okay seriously this is the coolest gift ever if you like the kinkier things in life! >ooh and I do...< With this Clone-a-Willy kit you can actually, safely and easily, make a vibrating milk chocolate replica of your favorite penis, whether it's yours or your lovers. The medically tested molding gel captures the incredible life like detail, making it the most personalized adult gift on the planet! Sex and chocolate... what more can you ask for!

Each kit comes with everything you need!  >Well except his giggle stick ... that would be creepy right?! <

  • Delicious melt & mold milk chocolate chips
  • 1 bag of algae based molding powder
  • 1 molding tube unit
  • 1 vibrating unit