Clone-a-Willy Kit - Light Skin Tone

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Clone-a-Willy Kit - Light Skin Tone

Ever thought to yourself..."I'd break up with him, but I'd miss that miniature him way too much!" OR maybe you wish you had a special piece of your lover that you could take with you on your travels? Well your problems have been officially solved! Now you can make an EXACT vibrating silicone replica of his penis that you can cherish forever!  Clone-a-Willy's medically tested molding gel captures incredible life like detail, making it the most personalized sex toy on the planet. 

Each kit comes with everything you need!  >Well except his giggle stick ... that would be creepy right?! <

    • Body safe skin tone (or other if you like) silicone
    • 1 bag of algae based molding powder
    • 1 molding tube unit
    • 1 vibrating unit

How to use: Mix the molding powder with water. Insert your willy into the tube. Easily pull away mold and fill with rubber mix. Slide out a copy of your own willy! 

Super special note: This is a HOT commodity!! Hopefully it will be in stock when you order it, but if not, we will give you a shout to provide details on when it will be available and delivered!

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